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The Order is Rapidly Fadin’

As Mr. Gallagher said in the quote above, and as Mr. Robert Zimmerman opined in his famous song, I’m about to change around the order of my life.  No longer will HuskerMax.com be the first website I check each day, but instead MLB.com and the glorious news of 30 soon-to-be World Champions. 

Everybody is looking better than ever.  The youngsters have improved, the old guys have healed, the fat guys have dropped weight, and everybody is throwing no-nos in the ‘pen.  I even heard an actual paid sports radio host say this morning that he thinks the Kansas City Royals rotation will be better over the next three years than the San Fransisco Giants. 

As far as I can tell, this gentleman knows that the Giants just won the World Series, that they have a Cy Young Winner (Tim Lincecum), and one of the most underhyped dominant pitchers in the game (Matt Cain) in addition to a very impressive young stud (Madison Bumgarner) and that still doesn’t include the man they just named their number two starter (Jonathan Sanchez), not to mention fallen star/guitar player/albatross Barry Zito, who always has great hair.

But such is the folly of Spring Training belief, truly the most dangerous gateway drug the world has ever seen.  I admit to falling victim to it though, never questioning the sweet nothings the springtime breeze whispers in my ear: “Matt Garza will be dominant in the National League; Zambrano CAN’T get any worse; Pujols may just be sporting blue stripes and a big C next year.”

Like the dreams of so many chess club captains and varsity clarinetists who pine for the prom queen, most teams will fall short, their spring flings nothing more than memories amidst a cloud of losses, injuries, and fire sale trades.

Allow me to be your Tambourine Man over the next few weeks.  In the jingle jangle of BP and split squads come following me and I’ll give you the lucious nectar of belief that this is your team’s year.  Not until the cruel okey-doke that is April, with its second wave of snow and ice will I pull the rug out and get real.  Right now, every glass is half-full and refills are free.  Even for you Pirates fans.

Coming up: 2011 Previews: Pujols, Phillies pitching, and maybe even an original idea that you haven’t heard or read for the last two weeks straight (I’m still in Spring Training too).